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Thursday, October 21, 2004

XC Conference Meet

Today was the rescheduled conference meet that got rained out yesterday and I'm pretty happy with my performance. I ended up finishing 12th out of 60 some runners with an 18:32. Not a bad finish but I was really hoping for top 10 so I would get all conference but its gonna be a piece of cake getting that next year. 90% of the top 10 were Surry Central runners(they usually win state every year). We still have regionals but I'm going to be glad to get this season over just so I can work on the things that our coach hasn't figured out we need to do yet. He is new to coaching and is doing well but he has alot to learn as far as how he needs to discipline the team and our workouts. During the off season I will be trainning harder than ever and I am running 5k races not involved with school and the track distance coach is going to be my personnal trainner in a way. I've been trying to see running in the eyes of the rest of the team but can't seem to figure it out. Most of them just want to pussy foot around and its like that in all sports I played. I guess I'm just a dying breed but I can't run like them or think like them. When they are tired they are like "Well, I'm breathing hard, I guess I need to walk for about 2 minutes..." I can't run like that, a good example happened today when one of my team mates asked me how I kept a pace like that and asked how I got a second wind. I told him that if you don't have a second wind you better kick the shit out of the first wind. I mentioned to him that after the second mile I was running in 4th and was dizzy and seeing spots, he said "Man, if I was getting dizzy that would be time for me to call it quits!" I don't care if you are playing fucking tiddley winks, if you are on a school team and starting you should hammer yourself until you either A). Get to the finish line or B). Die trying. I really am excited about next year because I'm almost positive I can drop at least a minute off my time and finish top three in the conferece, maybe win it. I'll see how regionals go in two weeks and give you an update.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Music Side Project

I thought I would go ahead and mention a music project I am working on. Rock is kind of a vague description for the music type because I want a unique sound. As I have mentioned earlier, I have been doing alot of music writing. I've been working on about 5 songs that I've recorded the guitar and drums for just by myself but I'm looking to do a side project with alot of different people to get a wide range of sound on one album. I've already gotten a bass player, another guitar player, and some people to help me on vocals and I don't plan on recording for at least another two weeks. I know quite a few people read this but I'm not sure who all does. If you are interested in helping with this send me an emal. I'm not really in need of a drummer since I'm a fairly decent one and I have a drum machine but it would be nice to have one on hand. If anyone is interested in possibly doing some guitar layers or vocals I may can use you.


Music Nazi

This is my first post regarding my music propaganda. In my opinion, the best band out right now is A Perfect Circle. Go out and buy both their CD's right now! But if you want to download some of their work I would suggest downloading The Noose, Blue, and the Outsider. All of those are off the newest album, Thirteenth Step. I have been very busy this week and haven't been able to go in detail about what all happened so I will try my best to make a post on it tomorrow.

Just Chill, Till Tha Next Episode,

Monday, October 11, 2004

Hells Yes

Even though I kinda laid low this weekend I had a blast. Saturday I got a sweet new acoustic guitar....... Yamaha 332. Man it sounds so good.... The wood is perfect and I have never heard a guitar under a grand carry sound that well. Maybe I'll post a pic later on tonight, I don't know though, I'm kinda pressed for time. I think my crew put more miles on main street this weekend than anybody. I couldn't behave, then again I didn't really want to :D. I ate constantly but I think I only paid for one thing. I knew people in almost every kind of booth and they hooked me up. Don't you just love connections...? About 90% of the time I was in stupid/flip mode while at the hoe fest *cough* I mean the Autumn Leaves Festival. About 8 other people and me were crip walking down the street, getting police and EMS stickers to use to search booths for illegal food :D, getting little kids to do stupid stuff(I know.... Mean but funny), and I was even asked to leave a store! I'll go more indepth on that one. I went in this store(don't remember the name) and walked over and started playing with this xylophone. I was trying to show these two girls my off da chain skills by playing low rider and some guy comes over and is like "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to stop" and I said "I'm just trying to express my musical talent." Well, I waited until he left and started playing again and two managers came over and asked me to leave, can you believe that? Since I was representing the official Junior Police and EMS stickers I decided to leave the store and call for back up. My men had them arrested for possession of inbred midget porn. Last night I began working on a song that I feel is turning out very well. The lyrics seem to flow nicely and the acoustic sound is pretty classy. I'll probably post the lyrics when I'm finished and maybe if I can get a hold of my brothers 8 track and drum machine I can convert it to mp3 format and upload it. I think every day I'm going to throw in some propaganda and have a music section telling you what you need to download but I'm not sure yet. :B

Tryin' To Behave Myself,

P.S. Get Up On The Table! Grr!(If you don't know wtf I'm talking about I'll explain in a post later...)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Biggest Thing Since Andy Griffith

Friday through Sunday is when Mayberry Mardi Gras goes down, or if you want to be boring, The autumn Leaves Festival..... Every one of the 450 people that live in Mount Airy show up for this. Of course I go all three days.... Of course I'm while'n out all three days. Today was no exception. The festival seemed to have many vacant spots and just not as much stuff to show, but then again, it's only Friday. I will say that the music is more impressive this year. My friends and I were almost jumped by a crazed mom. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you. I went over to a game with some ducks you flip over and get a prize according to the letter on the bottom, and me being a master at duck flippin', I busted out a duck with a L on the bottom meaning I could have anything I wanted. So I asked the lady how many beads I could get for that and the woman breaks out a calculator! She comes back and she says as sweet as pie "you can have 27 beads". So I take the beads and put them all on. The first thing I know, all these girls are coming up to me and putting more on me, I don't think I knew any of them. Anyways, this one girl comes up to me(she looked like a super hoe) and she asked me if she could have some. Before I could say anything my dumbass friend says "Baby, you know what you gotta do!" Her mom happened to be standing there and she said "excuse me! if you don't leave right now I'm calling the cops!" So we starting strollin' on and we look back and the woman is following us! Luckily, I remembered my Navy Seal training and used my stealth to lose her... Yeah, she couldn't hang. That was the highlight of my day but I know there will be more trouble to come tomorrow.... and even more Sunday.


Yeah.... That's alot of beads... Posted by Hello

All the cool kids are doing it!

All my friends say that I'm a loser because I don't have a blog. Well guess what? I have a blog now suckas! It's late, I don't have anybody to talk to, I'm hungry, what the hell? Hopefully I can stay motivated to keep this updated. Maybe one day I'll even get to be linked on somebody's blog! Oh joy! Damn, that will make me famous won't it!?

I'm Outty,