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Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Biggest Thing Since Andy Griffith

Friday through Sunday is when Mayberry Mardi Gras goes down, or if you want to be boring, The autumn Leaves Festival..... Every one of the 450 people that live in Mount Airy show up for this. Of course I go all three days.... Of course I'm while'n out all three days. Today was no exception. The festival seemed to have many vacant spots and just not as much stuff to show, but then again, it's only Friday. I will say that the music is more impressive this year. My friends and I were almost jumped by a crazed mom. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you. I went over to a game with some ducks you flip over and get a prize according to the letter on the bottom, and me being a master at duck flippin', I busted out a duck with a L on the bottom meaning I could have anything I wanted. So I asked the lady how many beads I could get for that and the woman breaks out a calculator! She comes back and she says as sweet as pie "you can have 27 beads". So I take the beads and put them all on. The first thing I know, all these girls are coming up to me and putting more on me, I don't think I knew any of them. Anyways, this one girl comes up to me(she looked like a super hoe) and she asked me if she could have some. Before I could say anything my dumbass friend says "Baby, you know what you gotta do!" Her mom happened to be standing there and she said "excuse me! if you don't leave right now I'm calling the cops!" So we starting strollin' on and we look back and the woman is following us! Luckily, I remembered my Navy Seal training and used my stealth to lose her... Yeah, she couldn't hang. That was the highlight of my day but I know there will be more trouble to come tomorrow.... and even more Sunday.



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