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Monday, October 11, 2004

Hells Yes

Even though I kinda laid low this weekend I had a blast. Saturday I got a sweet new acoustic guitar....... Yamaha 332. Man it sounds so good.... The wood is perfect and I have never heard a guitar under a grand carry sound that well. Maybe I'll post a pic later on tonight, I don't know though, I'm kinda pressed for time. I think my crew put more miles on main street this weekend than anybody. I couldn't behave, then again I didn't really want to :D. I ate constantly but I think I only paid for one thing. I knew people in almost every kind of booth and they hooked me up. Don't you just love connections...? About 90% of the time I was in stupid/flip mode while at the hoe fest *cough* I mean the Autumn Leaves Festival. About 8 other people and me were crip walking down the street, getting police and EMS stickers to use to search booths for illegal food :D, getting little kids to do stupid stuff(I know.... Mean but funny), and I was even asked to leave a store! I'll go more indepth on that one. I went in this store(don't remember the name) and walked over and started playing with this xylophone. I was trying to show these two girls my off da chain skills by playing low rider and some guy comes over and is like "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to stop" and I said "I'm just trying to express my musical talent." Well, I waited until he left and started playing again and two managers came over and asked me to leave, can you believe that? Since I was representing the official Junior Police and EMS stickers I decided to leave the store and call for back up. My men had them arrested for possession of inbred midget porn. Last night I began working on a song that I feel is turning out very well. The lyrics seem to flow nicely and the acoustic sound is pretty classy. I'll probably post the lyrics when I'm finished and maybe if I can get a hold of my brothers 8 track and drum machine I can convert it to mp3 format and upload it. I think every day I'm going to throw in some propaganda and have a music section telling you what you need to download but I'm not sure yet. :B

Tryin' To Behave Myself,

P.S. Get Up On The Table! Grr!(If you don't know wtf I'm talking about I'll explain in a post later...)


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