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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Music Side Project

I thought I would go ahead and mention a music project I am working on. Rock is kind of a vague description for the music type because I want a unique sound. As I have mentioned earlier, I have been doing alot of music writing. I've been working on about 5 songs that I've recorded the guitar and drums for just by myself but I'm looking to do a side project with alot of different people to get a wide range of sound on one album. I've already gotten a bass player, another guitar player, and some people to help me on vocals and I don't plan on recording for at least another two weeks. I know quite a few people read this but I'm not sure who all does. If you are interested in helping with this send me an emal. I'm not really in need of a drummer since I'm a fairly decent one and I have a drum machine but it would be nice to have one on hand. If anyone is interested in possibly doing some guitar layers or vocals I may can use you.



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